Tokyo Disneyland

TOKYO DISNEYLAND. From Tokyo Station, take JR Keiyo Line or JR Musashino Line (about 15 minutes) get off at JR Maihama Station (South Exit). Entrance fee is at 5,800 yen for a day's passport of fun and entertainment!

I was surprised to see a big crowd of visitors flocking to the resort as soon as it opens at 0900 on a Monday morning.

As soon as we entered the park, we saw an escorted Mickey Mouse and immediately kept our camera ready for a pose, but he only obliged to take photos with the kids so we ended up like paparazzis running after him! Then came all the other Disney characters who were more accommodating.

-------------------------------------------------Mickey Mouse
The next star we followed was Donald Duck! but unlike Mickey, he was not escorted so we got a chance to stay close to him.
----------------------------------------------Donald Duck
So much on Mickey's superstar status, there is an official house in the resort if you want to have a photo with him. Posted on the gate of the house says " queuing time from this point: 1 hour and 30 minutes." Yes, you have to stand and queue outside the house for one and a half hour to get a photo with Mickey Mouse.
-----------------------------------------------Mickey's House
When you finally get inside his house, first you will pass through the living room, music room, kitchen, laundry and finally Mickey's room. Only 5 groups can enter the room and you have to wait again for your turn.
-----------------------------------------'Official' Photo with Mickey Mouse
If you are on a short trip to Japan and wish to explore the rides inside the resort, it is advisable to purchase a fast pass since practically all rides, shows and meet and greet sessions have long queue which takes about an hour on the average each.

The usual Disney parade took off at 2:30 in the afternoon, and again if you wish to get a good view of the parade, you have to sit under the scorching heat at least an hour earlier before the parade otherwise there wont be any place to sit.
----------------------------------------------------Disney Parade
Since we only had a day to explore the park, we were only able to enjoy one ride, which was the space mountain in tomorrowland. It was just a 2-minute ride after an hour of queuing. Don't worry, at the end of every queue, there is an advised of how long you have to be in the line so its up to you whether to go on or not.

Tokyo Disneyland is divided into 7 themed lands namely Westernland, tomorrowland, Toontown, Fantasyland, Adventureland, Cricker Country and World Bazaar. The park is quite big and has plenty of rides compared to Hong Kong Disneyland and Paris Disneyland plus has more visitors, so it is advisable to allot at least two days for the resort. As with the other Disneyland Resorts, there are also Disney hotels near it.

For more information visit their website http://www.tokyodisneyresort.co.jp/. Enjoy!

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