They Call It Autumn-Winter (part 1-Germany)

20th of November 2008. One day before my trip to Europe..I woke up with a heavy fever...I refused to believe it was happening to me. Not this time when its only one day before my MUCH AWAITED trip to Europe! I can't be sick. I prepared myself as needed for work at 2pm, but this time I took taxi to work as I felt that my body was so weak. I ignored whatever I was feeling. At work, I started chilling. I bought 17dhs fresh orange juice which I don't usually do on 'normal' circumstances as I am so tight when it comes to money spent while on duty, but this time I had to, to prevent my condition from getting worse. I went to pharmacy and bought 36 dhs medicine for fever. I told the pharmacist I cannot get sick! At 10pm, right after my duty, I was already so weak. I slept right away. I had to rest. By 2am, I got up feeling worst! This time I had given up my travel plans...I was too weak to go. I took 2 capsules again and went back to bed....I woke up at 5am and changed.


By hook or by crook, I reached Munich, Germany at 45 past 12noon with my friends Maricel and Arlene. Arlene and I planed this trip up to early morning during and after our work, almost everyday, searching the net for the best deals. I can't let this chance pass by just like that!
----------------------------------------------------------Munich International Airport
Just a few minutes after our arrival, as we wander through the train station, we started feeling cold. One old lady even reacted upon seeing my "shoes" seemingly amazed, then i realized that everybody was wearing boots or at least closed rubber shoes. Their clothes weren't also same as ours. We looked for a corner and opened our luggage and took out "additional clothing", and this is not only for the purpose of blending with them but because we felt it was necessary as it was freezing cold!
-------------------------Inside the train going to downtown Munich from the Airport
----------------------------------------------------------------At Marienplatz
From Munich International Airport we took the train at 8.50 euro each. The Wallis Hotel Munich was just a walking distance away from the train station. Check in process was very quick. We were given a room on the first floor, it was a cute green room for 3 persons and a bathroom with a bathtub. Not bad for 113 euro a night including a buffet breakfast of breads, cereals, fruits, coffee, tea and fresh juice!
--------------------------------------------------------Buffet Breakfast at Hotel Wallis Immediately after dropping our luggage in our hotel room, we moved and explored marienplatz and the old town residence, although just a walking distance away we didn't manage to walk back to the hotel as it was freezing cold! We decided to take a taxi at 6.30 euro, split into 3. It was always a relief whenever we are inside a room or any closed space as there are heaters installed there . After gaining back enough"courage" to face the cold weather outside, we again went out to eat dinner in a Chinese restaurant just across our hotel. We ordered 2 platters of fried rice, a bowl of hot soup each, and stir-fried beef, which we didn't finish as it was too much for the 3 of us. We paid 38 euro split into 3. Before our first order was served, our excitement heightened by the sight of snow fall! Yes, coming from a tropical country Philippines, and a residence of sunny Dubai, it was our first time to see snow falling from "heaven".
-----------------------------------------------------------It's Winter Time!
------------------------------------------------Strolling along the Old Residence
----------------------------------------------------Winter window display!
----------------------------------------------------Shopping area along Marienplatz
---------------------------------------------------Christmas is almost here!

------------------------------------This is the site for the Christmas Market 2008

-------------------------------------------------Our first sight of Snow.

We left Munich and boarded a train to Frankfurt to catch our flight to Denmark via Scandanavian Airlines. ---------------------------------------Waiting for the train to Frankfurt
-----------------------------------------------Inside the train, enjoying the view.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------A view from the train.
We had reserved seats with a table at 87 euro each. Frankfurt is 3 hrs by train from Munich.
-------------------------------------------------------Arrival In Frankfurt-Main
--------------------------------------------------------------Frankfurt Train Station
We wanted to explore more of downtown Frankfurt but the temperature outside has become unbearable so we decided to leave and wait at the airport for our flight to Denmark.


  1. hallöchen! :) please visit my site i am also a travel enthusiast! ;) nice site!

  2. Did you bring travel cheques or could you advice me as to what particular bank should I open account with so I could access the funds when out of the country? I would really appreciate your advice.

  3. I am a frugal traveller, always on a budget, a very small budget :) ! Before I leave, I already have an approximate amount of things I will have to spend with (such as park tickets, transport, food) I always bring whatever currency that country has or US dollars and then change it soon as I arrive. I also have my credit card on stand by (just in case).


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