Singapore Changi Airport, Terminal 2: wow!

My flight landed in Singapore Changi Airport exactly at 7:15 am.
Since I have plenty of time to kill, i strolled along this amazingly equipped airport and feast my eyes with things to see and do. I will be here in the next 4 days as a prelude to my long awaited vacation to manila.

Coming from a sunny Dubai, it was quite a sight to see rain pouring down as we go out of the airport. At 11 am, we kicked off with an enjoyable taxi ride to the hotel care of "koon", the Singaporean part-time taxi driver cum businessman (as he described himself) who could very well pass as a tourist guide for Singapore and made us feel at home with his rich Tagalog vocabulary, the reason? he has a Filipino wife! He said that living in Singapore is so costly and with two children to send to school, a part-time job is inevitable.

-Orchard Road-
Soon as we got to the hotel, after a quick shower and change, we didn't waste anymore time and gone out to our first stop...a dinner at the Orchard Road and Shopping!Since Christmas was already approaching, Orchard road was beautifully dressed up and that was also the first night of their Christmas light up festival. It was truly a sight to behold! Everywhere, lights were on and people were all around too! I noticed too that just like Dubai, Singapore has a multi-cultural community. What I liked about Orchard the most is that, you can doll up yourself without anyone giving you an annoying look.

-Cross cultural wedding at Holiday Inn-
Alarm rang at 7:00 am. Although we slept late last night, we had to get up early to attend to a wedding of my friend's colleague. On our way to the holy Trinity Church, we were greeted by the morning sunshine and rich greenery of Singapore roads. I was so delighted to witness trees enveloped before our pathways! Truly,Singapore lives up to be a garden city.
Wedding rites begun at 9:30. It was just like a typical wedding ceremony that I have attended to in the past, except that the bride and the groom were from two different backgrounds. It was union of a Malaysian girl and a South-African guy. A love story that blossomed and developed in Dubai, after all, not all love stories of this genre ends in a bitter goodbye. They came from entirely different continents, met in desert sands of the middle east, married in Singapore and who knows where their future will bring them.

I managed to take pictures despite my shaking nerves as we rode the sky-ride tens of meters above the ground at sentosa park. This was one of the many attractions inside the park. Although I had a list of things to see inside, I didn't have much luck to see it all. I have missed the underwater park, the cable ride and animal safari which would be enough reason to comeback.

The Merlion
If only my legs could shout, I know it will ask me to stop. But even then, I still won't obey for I would never leave this island without my picture taken next to the Merlion! With my friend already complaining, I did not give up searching for the merlion park, while searching for it with a map on my hand, I have seen some more places of interest like the Fullerton hotel with its huge and beautifully architectured facade, you'll never be able miss it. Then across was the esplanade theater, also another picture perfect building. And alas! the Merlion Park!

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