Hong Kong! Hong Kong!

NAIA Terminal 3. Cebu Pacific flight to Hong Kong departed from NAIA terminal 3. There is a terminal fee of PHP750 per passenger and PHP1620 departure tax for international flight, so better include this in your budget on top of the airline ticket.

Day 1: Tsim Sha Tsui (TST)
We met my sister's former classmate in College at Mc Donalds in Tsim Sha Tsui, and she brought us to Peking Garden Restaurant where she made a reservation for lunch. It was a fine dining resto that offers authenic chinese cuisine. Then, at 4pm, she drove and came with us to Disneyland Resort. Lucky that there was a promotion on that day for annual pass holders that they can bring 1 friend free for the whole day pass at the Resort so my sister and I enjoyed the resort for free courtesy of Liway.

True to what I have heard from friends who had been to Hong Kong Disneyland, it is more for kids under 12. There were not much rides for adults and it was quite small too. Despite the many negative reviews about this resort, I'd say that I still enjoyed seeing Disneyland, the stay at Hollywood Hotel was part of the fun too.

There is a hotel shuttle service every10 minutes to and from the hotel and disneyland resort park. While checked in at the Hollywood Hotel, you may also visit and eat at Disneyland Hotel.

Twin room garden view ( actually I didn't see any view of the garden!) was hkd 1320 nett without breakfast, with two double beds enough for 4 pax at the same rate. I booked it directly with the hotel website.

Shower gel, soaps, shampoos, dental kit, mugs, lift, bench, etc. you will see mickey mouse everywhere!
DAY 2: Storm signal no. 8 hoisted
The day we left Hollywood Hotel in Disneyland, there was an advisory that says, its signal no. 3 that day but there was no rain yet so we took pictures here and there. By the time we reached Kowloon, the rain started pouring heavily. We crossed the street and luckily, the City View Hotel where I had a reservation for two nights was just across. We explored nathan road that afternoon in search for dinner. Although there were too many food stalls nearby, we ended up buying food at seven 11 and ate dinner in the room because the menu in the small restaurants were all written in chinese and we hardly find someone that speaks english, too. Storm signal no. 8 was advised, by 6pm, public transport were shut down, malls have closed. We were locked inside our hotel room with nothing to do, so i decided to get an internet connection for hkd100 and ordered room service.

Day 3: Victoria Peak.

We called the Hong kong Tourist hotline to ask if it was safe to go out. We called twice and got two opposing answers! So we ended up deciding for ourselves. We then proceeded to The Victoria Peak and then at The promenade, avenue of stars.

View from Victoria Peak 

Day 4: Ocean Park
All the scary rides I could think of was in front of me. Since there was only my sister and I together at the Ocean Park, I had no choice but to accompany her and try whatever there is to try. Knowing her, I knew I'm up for the test of my life! The challenge: The Mine Train. This time, closing my eyes didn't do the trick! It was more scary when eyes are closed. There was butterfly in my stomach. It drops and turns rapidly. But before I could start praying, we were already at the end point. Alas! it wasn't so scary at all! It lasted only 2 minutes or so. ( that was the only ride i tried though...hehehe. all the other rides, my sister experienced alone. Brave birthday girl! )

The Cable Car. We moved from the Highlands to the Lowlands which was on the other side of the mountain. We took the Cable car to transfer. Ughhh, I swear I would never ride a cable car again! Yes, i have overcome the roller coaster but comes another frightening experience. It was 15 to 20 minutes of hair raising, horrifying, death defying, worst thing to experience for me! Below us was the ocean, just one wrong move and I'd be dead! As they say, the cable car is one of the tourist attractions in Ocean Park, so I would not get into details as each one of us has our own fears. Mine just happened to be this.

Tour Date: September 21-25, 2008
How's the weather: first day was so humid and hot, next day there was a storm!

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