They Call It Autumn-Winter (part 3-Paris)



"Amazing Race?"

Nah, this is not my version of Lovers in Paris. Ours was actually like an Amazing Race. We were in Paris only for 2 days. We got to Paris via Air France. We flew at 10am and arrived after almost 2 hours. We checked in at Perfect Hostel, in a private triple room at 75euro a night after a train ride where we saw Paris "not at its best". Vandalism was everywhere. I don't know if it was part of their expression being known to be artistic or just plain rage. Whatever it is, i didn't find it nice. Unlike our first two stops, Paris was more diverse. Much like London (the first European city I've visited). But like in Germany, to speak to them was a challenge! Not much speaks English. They speak only French. But anyway, we managed....

Walking from our hostel to the nearest tube station, Anvers....

After a short subway ride, we reached The Louvre Museum at about 3pm... ----------------------------------------------------------------The Louvre Museum
General Admission was 9 euro each....

Of course, a visit to Paris is never complete without seeing the Eiffel Tower. After having dinner in one of the Restos in front of the Louvre Museum, where we ate pasta at 6.50 euro each plus a slice of pizza, we passed by to a souvenir shop then headed to the Eiffel Tower by train at 1.50euro each. But due to slight rain and windy night, we decided to leave...

-------------------------------------------------------Morning shot of the Eiffel Tower.

---------------------------------------------------------Eiffel Tower day and night.

So the next day, we came back to see the Eiffel Tower then rushed back to the hotel to check out and left our luggage in the train station for 9euro and proceeded to Disneyland Park Paris!

It was a long train ride to Disneyland Paris. The train was old and the view was n't very pleasing to the eye, either. Then you'll see a huge castle like building and you knew it would be time to get off the train! Entrance to the park was 49 euro each.

----------------------------------------------------------------Disneyland Parc Paris!

My second visit to Disneyland Resort still left me disappointed, for again I didn't get to fulfill my dream of getting a souvenir photo with Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck!

“They call it Autumn-Winter”

Strolling along the streets full of yellow orange leaves scattered on the ground, a very cool breeze kisses the skin, or pearly white snow showers the ground, yes this is what they call autumn winter. Now, after soooo long, on an autumn winter day, Ive been there....


Travel Information:

Tour date: 21-26 November 2008, Autumn-early winter

Clothing: Thermal Jackets, winter coats. boots.

Currency: euro (1 EUR = 5.19208 AED/ 1 EUR = 1.41366 USD/1 EUR = 66.6034 PHP

Visa: I applied for Schengen Visa at the German Embassy since Germany is our point of entry. There is an interview for Filipino citizens when applying for Schengen visa for the first time, unless if you have already travelled to any EU member state as in my case. Waiting period took 12-14 days. In addition to the usual requirements, you also have to submit a valid travel insurance.

Links: http://www.paris-tourism.com;%20www.emirates.com;www.disneylandparis.com;www.booking.com/

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