ATLANTIS, Aquaventure

Atlantis, The palm is a billion-dollar waterpark hotel in Dubai which opened in September 2008, amidst the global financial crises. It was the first resort to open at The Palm Jumeirah, the revolutionary man-made island in UAE. Atlantis is composed of: a luxurious hotel, boutiques, dining facilities, a huge aquarium and  a waterpark.

If you are statying at ATLANTIS, you are given free access to AQUAVENTURE waterpark, or if you wish to just visit the park like we did, a AED 200 entrance fee for adult/165 (for children below 1.2 m) is good for the whole day.  I suggest that you bring your own towel if you do not want to pay 30 for towel rental. For the safety of your belongings, lockers are charged 40 per unit.  For the four of us, we rented only 1 locker and squeze everything there.

Things to Do at Aquaventure: Water Slides, Rides, Beach...

The Beach

Shark Bites Restaurant grab!
Snacks at Shark Bites: Hotdog sandwich 29, Cheeseburger 39 Softdrinks and coffee about 12 each

Me and My Itchy Feet :)

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