Airline Of The Year 2009

Skytrax (established 1989) are specialist Research Advisors to the air transport industry. It is a privately owned UK company based in London .

Skytrax undertake Product, Service and Passenger research studies for airlines, airline alliances, airports and related air transport product / service suppliers across the globe - offering an unrivalled experience and knowledge of this specialist market. The market research department are responsible for commissioning and managing the 2 major, annual Passenger Surveys for the world airline and world airport industry.

These comprise the World Airline Survey™ and World Airport Survey™, both of which have become firmly established during the last 10 years as the most respected, independent, global surveys of airline and airport quality performance.

Competitive and front-Line Quality Performance evaluations comprises core services, with Skytrax having worked for over 210 airlines and 65 airports in recent years.

A global leader in air transport research, Skytrax staff are industry professionals - offering the most diverse and detailed knowledge of this specialist market.

"Professional air transport research by air transport professionals" is the ethos that enables the organisation to provide the highest standard and quality of research services.

Skytrax operate the unique, global online Airline & Airport guide, which is now one of the world's most popular, independent travel forum and air travel information web sites.
Skytrax is known worldwide as a trusted brand that has a unique relationship with its intelligent, discerning users. Quite simply, users trust SKYTRAX, they trust the information we provide and they trust our values. (excerpt from http://www.worldairlineawards.com)


1. Cathay Pacific Airways
2. Singapore Airlines
3. Asiana Airlines
4. Qatar Airways
5. Emirates Airlines
6. Qantas
7. Etihad Airways
8. Air New Zealand
9. Malaysia Airlines
10. Thai Airways

These were the same names too, in last year's top airline award but with different rankings.


1. Malaysia Airline
2. Asiana Airlines
3. Thai Airways
4. Singapore
5. Cathay

When in comes to service, in my opinion Asian carriers will always be on top. Warm hospitality is almost always natural to asian people. (hmmm, sounds biased!)


1. Asiana
2. Emirates
3. Qatar
4. Etihad
5. Austrian

Food served inside the plane is never really a dining experience, but in todays trend of mushrooming budget airlines that sell cup noodles on board, flying big named airlines include "free" meals. For a 6-hr flight lunch or dinner is usually served consisting of main dish, dessert, appetizer and drinks, as you please from softdrinks, juices and wine. For an 8hr-flight a starter is also given like chips and juice before serving the main course. For more than 10 hrs, its starter, breakfast and lunch.


1. Emirates Airlines
2. Singapore Airlines
3. Virgin Atlantic
4. Cathay Pacific
5. Qatar Airways

Emirates were named winner of Best Airline Inflight Entertainment - for the 6th time in ten years. Edward Plaisted (CEO of Skytrax) said: "in recent years the importance of inflight entertainment across the typical air travel experience has grown considerably and this repeat win demonstrates that Emirates remain at the forefront in delivering exceptional standards of entertainment options to their customers".

Unlike the others who fall asleep as soon as they get to the plane, I don't. It's a big relief that Airlines are giving importance to Inflight entertainment. For me, who usually travels from Dubai to Manila for 8 hrs, the availability of movies and music on board are things I'm always looking forward to when flying.

How about you, what's your Favorite Airline? =) enjoy your flight!

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